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Ditsy and beautiful florals in fashion


Nature has always been undoubtedly one of the biggest influences when it comes to fashion and clothing decoration. It never goes out of style and nowadays we can see an abundance of styles and patterns, so it is easy for everyone to find the matching piece for her wardrobe. However, it hadn’t always been so easy. Back in the 1700’s, floral clothing designs were demurer and those in higher classes used to wear them. They were real specialties, as each piece had to be hand embroidered. Also, which might be peculiar to us today, it was regular to find standout flowers on hats and in hair – fresh flowers in fact. Marie Antoinette was the one who made the over-the- top ‘pouf’ hairstyle famous back then – which allowed women to hide vases in their hair, in order to keep the flower fresh whole day…

In the 1800’s, textile designer William Morris became popular through his work during the arts and crafts movement – and continues being a huge inspiration for fashion designers until today. Nature is the main theme in his work and one can immediately recognize his floral’s.

And so we have arrived to the 1910’s, to America. Women were gathering in the local store where a new shipment of yard goods had arrived. Among others, lovely cottons printed with beautiful little floral’s were to find. Women were buying some of them, to sew into a house dress or night dress. These pretty little prints were considered to be traditional and associated with the home and the family.

  A decade later, in the 1920’s, new inventions appeared in America. It included the first introduction of synthetic fabrics labeled as ‘art silks’ and embroidery machines, which made women possible to sew patterns in the clothing’s quicker and less expensive. Floral patterns became especially popular.

At that time, the Art Deco movement appeared with its clean, geometric lines and its style had a huge influence on floral designs. They became bold and often highly stylized.

This time was also the breakthrough of Ditsy prints. Ditsy or Ditzy print is a very small-scale all-over pattern that creates a random look by not being linear or geometric. The American texture manufacturers mass-produced cotton clothing’s with ditsy print on them (also called cotton ditsies), especially from the 1920’s through the 1940’s. They became very popular in an instant, as flowered fabric meant femininity, youth and freedom. Ditsy prints have continued to be a hit until our days and never seized to represent beauty and femininity.

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