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Whistler fashion trends often lean towards functionality – this is a town where Gore-Tex is next to godliness and winter-weight Merino wool is practically a religion. While there are always nifty things happening in the world of head-to-toe waterproof/breathable outerwear, summer in the mountains gives everyone a chance to shed some layers and let their own fashion flags fly.

To keep tabs on what’s hot in Whistler this summer The Insider is reaching out to our fashion correspondent Molly Andrew, sales associate at Aritzia/TNA and a lifelong Whistler local.

“White is a big thing this season,” Molly explains. “Oversized white shirts and button downs, white dresses, light denims, white on white on white.”

Building on the 60’s style we saw popular last autumn, women can expect a lot of flowy, hippie-influenced “Boho-Chic” outfits this summer, as if the whole world is on their way to a giant open-air music festival.

“For men, nautical stripes are big again,” Molly says, “and TMC Freeriderz has a light windbreaker that is perfect for summer. Their toques are always in style too.”

Toques in the summer? You bet. Whistler loves all sorts of hats. “Bucket style hats are popular, women are wearing them too,” Molly says, adding that the wide brim is also good for sun protection. “And 90’s-style sporty sandals are back, the kind your foot just slides in: think Adidas or Nike Air Max.”

In the world of bags, leathery backpacks are trending, as are “little-to-medium-sized suede bags.” And at the beach it’s all about straps. “Bikinis with 1000 straps,” Molly says. “Lots of bright flouro colors – really bright, and really strappy.” Swimwear shopping in Whistler starts at The Beach.

Of course, Whistler fashion has a sporty side too and technical biking clothes are huge up here. “Shredly is a cool company making women’s bike shorts,” says Xtina at Evolution Whistler, one of Whistler’s premier bike shops. “They’re based in Colorado so they understand the mountain lifestyle. You can bike, apres,  and swim in these shorts. And SLAG have a good line of free-ride jerseys and cool tech cargo shorts for men. The owner, Dave lives here in the summer too.”

Evolution also has their own cheap sunglasses that you won’t feel too bad if you dive off the dock wearing them but the Insider’s editors pick for summer eye-wear are Sandbox sunglasses because they offer full protection in two classic shapes and are a 100% Whistler-owned company. Shop local.

Shredly shorts and SLAG jersey at Evolution

With a young population of people from all over the world, Whistler fashion exists in its own microclimate and nothing is too outlandish, so wear whatever you like. But don’t forget the hoodie.

‘The hoodie, of course, is a Whistler classic,” says Molly. “But we’ve covered that before right?”

Happy Summer! Be yourselves, check out the variety of shops in the Village, and dress how you like. Ultimately it’s not how you look that matters, it’s how awesome you are.

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